Thomas John Giunta, or "Tommy" was born on February 22, 1945 in Waltham, MA.
He joined the Fall River Police in 1973 where he worked for 21 years. Over the course of
his career, Tommy met many close friends both on the job and off. He was a staple in the
community and was respected by many.
While on duty on a hot August afternoon in 1994, Tommy knocked on the
door of a house on Middle Street in Fall River. He was handing out free street parking passes to
area residents for an upcoming Portuguese feast. A large, angry man answered the door.
He then wrestled Tommy and stole his gun away from him.
 He shot Officer Giunta numerous times, unloading all
of the revolver's ammunition.
Tommy was pronounced dead at St. Anne's hospital just minutes later.

Shortly after Tommy's death, a scholarship was set up to keep his memory alive.
An annual 5k road race was established, which early on, was very successful.
It's hard to believe that more than a full decade has passed since his murder, but Tommy's legacy
lives on in the hearts and minds of the people of Fall River. The past 17 years have been
a hard challenge to Tommy's family and they have had to persevere without him.
As time marches on, it becomes a bigger challenge to help raise money for Tommy's scholarship.
The Giunta family has been trying very hard to give back to the community that helped them in times
of hardship, and with this being the 19th anniversary of Tommy's death, it becomes even more
meaningful and sentimental.
The Giunta family asks that you remember Tommy this year and help them make the 19th anniversary
Road Race and Scholarship Fund a great success on April 7, 2013.